How To Use

Driver FAQ


Why should I use the CAT Scale Weigh My Truck app? 
There are several advantages to using Weigh My Truck but the most important reason may be the time savings. We are hearing from several of our customers that they are seeing a time savings of 20 minutes per weigh which gets you back on the road and making money that much quicker. 

Where can I get Weigh My Truck?
Weigh My Truck is available for smartphones through Google Play and the Apple App Store.


How much does Weigh My Truck cost?
The Weigh My Truck app is free.


Is there a fee for using Weigh My Truck?
There are currently no additional charges from CAT Scale for using Weigh My Truck. A first weigh is $11.50 and a qualifying reweigh is $2.


Do I have to register to use Weigh My Truck?
Yes - registration is fast and free.


Is there another way to pay besides PayPal?
Yes - you may use an EFS or Comdata fleet card if your company authorizes it.  If you do not have an EFS or Comdata fleet card, you can also register using a credit card.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.


Can I get a printed CAT Scale ticket?
Yes - two copies of your ticket will be held at the fuel desk for one hour after weighing.


Can I get an electronic CAT Scale ticket?
Yes - an electronic copy of your ticket will be emailed to your chosen Email address.


Is my weight still guaranteed using Weigh My Truck?
Yes - your weights are guaranteed to be accurate.


Is my weight certified using Weigh My Truck?
Yes - but electronic copies of weigh tickets are not recognized as certification of weight so make sure to pick up the printed ticket at the fuel desk. (Note: the Weigh My Truck app cannot be used to obtain a certified weight in California).


Do I need to use a certain phone setting for Weigh My Truck?
We recommend that you enable your GPS/Location (so it can locate the scale you are at). We also suggest that you turn Wi-Fi off when using the app. When Wi-Fi is on, it slows down the communication speed.